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Mitsubishi HS-5440 Continuous Time Lapes VCR 24/ 40 Hour Serviced


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Vintage Misubishi Continuous Time Lapse VCR

Model HS-5440U, Made in Japan

*Product Note; The Mitsubishi Corp designed their Time Lapse VCR's to record real time. Manufactured for commercial use their TL VCRs were superior to the other companies who were adapting or modifing regular home use VCR's.   

Features; 4 Head Double Density Video Heads

Continuous real time recording for 24 to 40 hours. 

Also capable of sound recording when used with the proper camera's

This Mitsubishi has been serviced including replacing 2 belts. Tape heads were cleaned and demagnetized. Machine was re-lubricated.

The fact that this machine is up and running is a tribute to the build quality.

Physical condition is a good with scratches visible on the face plate and on top of the metal cabinet

30 Day money back guarantee