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BSR Turntable Restored Upgraded w/ New ADC Cartridge and Stylus


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BSR Turntable Automatic 3 Speed Record Player

Model C-181, Made in Great Britain

Features; A Brand New ADC QLM30 MKIII- K8 Phono Cartridge and Matching ADC Stylus

The ADC is a Magnet cartridge that make this turntable compatible with the Phono input on a stereo receiver. We replaced the Ceramic cartridge originally equiped with this turntable. Resulting in a better quality sound output.

3 Speed record player 16, 33.3 and 45 RPMs, Record size selector 12", 10", and 7" 

Fully automatic operation or can be used as a semi-automatic truntable using the cueing lever

The restoration of this BSR included a complete disassembly of the tonearm and automatic mechanisms to remove old grease. Cleaned all parts and relubricated where required. The motor was cleaned and relubricated.  Reassembled and I made a few minor adjustments. It now operates like the day it left the factory.

It has been fully tested and the playback is nothing short of amazing.

Physical condition is very good, the base cleaned up nicely

The included dust cover is working as it should with a few cracks near the tabs.  Cracks were addressed and with some care should work fine if you choose to use the hinge tabs. The dust cover has been polished to remove many of the scratches but there are some still visible.

Accessories included; Attached power cord, Attached audio cables, 45 record spindle adapter. A stackable 45 adapter is not included. 

60 Day money back guarantee