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HH Scott Stereo Receiver RS-30A, w/ 25 WPC Phono Input

HH Scott

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HH Scott Stereo Receiver w/ AM FM Radio Tuner

Model RS-30A Year 1987, Made in Korea

Included is a copy of the operating instructions, No remote control was sold with this receiver.

Features; 2 Channel Stereo Sound Power Rated @ 25 WPC

LED Power Level Output Meter, Digital Radio Display

Audio inputs, Phono CD/DAT and Tape input and output

This Receiver has speaker jacks for 1 pair of speakers only.

*The reason I acquired this Scott receiver is it has a solid build quality and this receiver sounds great when it is connected to a turntable.

So if you are just starting to enjoy Vinyl records this is a good option to use with your turntable and it is moderatly priced.

This receiver has been cleaned and fully tested. 

There are a few lite scratches visible on the metal cabinet



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