Yamaha Natural Sound RX-460 Stereo Receiver w/ Phono Input

Yamaha Natural Sound

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Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver with AM/ FM Tuner

Model RX-460, Year 1994 Made in Japan

Included is a copy of the Owner Manual

No remote control with this unit

Features; Great sounding receiver from Yamaha

Power rated at 55 WPC x 2 Channels = 110 watts power output.

Inputs; Phono, CD, AUX with 2 Tape monitors

A - B A&B speaker control, Source direct switch for the purest sound

Variable loudness control, Treble, Base. 

This Yamaha has been serviced and inspected, Service included  replacing the speaker connection terminals, Cleaning all switches and knobs, Then fully tested.

Put some Grand Funk Railroad on the turntable. Connected to the Yamaha it sounded the way vinyl should sound. 

This is one of them receivers that the manufactured put extra quality into the build and it is obvious as soon as you turn it up. 

Physical condition is very good with minimal signs of use.


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