U.S. 20th Century Type (29) Coins Collection Complete In Framed Display

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This is a 29 Coin Deluxe Collection that is complete.

United States Twentieth Century Type Coin Collection

The coins are mounted in a 10.5" x 12.5" framed display.

My listing is roughly right to left, top to bottom

*Note ALL coins containing SILVER are marked with a (S)

1892 Indian Head Penny, 1943 Steel Lincoln Wheat Penny, 1918-D Lincoln Wheat Penny, 1959-D Lincoln Modern Penny,

1912 Liberty Nickel, 1916 Barber Dime (S), 1943 Mercury Dime (S),

1964 Roosevelt Dime (S), 1988-D Roosevelt Dime (24K Gold Plated)

1938 Jefferson Nickel, 1945 Jefferson War Nickel (S), 1937 Buffalo Nickel'

1929 Standing Liberty Quater (S), 1964 Washington Quater (S),

1965 Washington Quater, 1976 Washington Bicentenial Quater,

1916 Barber Quater (S), 1912 Barber Half Dollar (S),

1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (S), 1963 Franklin Half Dollar (S),

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar (S), 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar (S),  1972 Kennedy Half Dollar

1776-1976 Kennedy Bicentenial Half Dollar, 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar (S)

1922 Peace Silver Dollar (S), 1971 Eisenhower Dollar, 

1776-1976 Eisenhower Bicentenial Dollar, 1979 Anthony Dollar.

29 Coins total with 14 being Silver coins and one is 24 Kt Gold plated

The frame can be used as a table top display or wall hanging

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